President/Chief Financial Officer

PJ Patel started his hotel career by leasing a small independent hotel in Tennessee. His vision and conservative approach is truly an asset to LCH. His vast financial knowledge has helped our group to finance several hotel projects. He has played an integral role in the early successes of this company. He actively manages the finances of all our hotel brands. As an accountant by profession, P.J. plays an important role in monitoring development and is always cost conscious. P.J. Patel holds a bachelors degree in commerce from Sardar Patel University, India. His civic duties include serving on the Board of Directors for the Lake City Chamber of Commerce as well as supporting several faith based organizations in the community. P.J. is a highly regarded individual whose advice is sought by many in the community.


VP – Chief Operating Officer & Development

Nick Patel’s vision, passion and commitment to the lodging industry are amazing. He joined his uncle, P.J Patel, in 1993 during the development phase of  Hampton Inn in Lake City. Since then he has been actively involved in the development of several brands. Under his leadership and management LCH hotels have received several franchise awards.

Carlson Rezidor Group awarded Nick  Patel “Best Owner Operator of a Hotel in the country”. He serves on the franchise advisory board of Country Inn & Suites and is a board member of the Columbia and Alachua County Tourist Development Council. In addition, Nick Patel also serves as a board member of Finance & audit for Florida Gateway College Endowment Foundation. He has represented the community in studying the unification benefit of county and city operations. Nick holds a graduate degree in Commerce majored in Accounting and Auditing. He also holds an International Diploma in Computer Application and Programming.


Assistant Director of Operations

Janak Patel joined LCH in the fall of 2006.  He has spent this time learning every aspect of the hospitality industry while integrating his dynamic skills into this truly customer-focused business. He is always willing to help and lend an empathetic ear to employees. Janak is known at LCH as the “Jack of all trades”. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree. Janak over the years has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge of the inner workings of the hotel. He is a problem solver and his practical sense has helped our hotel operations immensely.  He continues to find ways to improve performance and is always looking for better strategies to outperform our competitors. Lake City Hotels is proud to have such a talented individual as part of our team.


Director of Procurement & Outside Advertisement

Jayeeni Patel joined the family business 10 years ago and has worked in varied roles from General Manager to Director of Sales and Marketing.  Most recently she has ventured into the procurement side of the business becoming familiar with brand standards and in procuring goods for new projects as well as renovations for existing hotels in the portfolio. Jayeeni also works with the hotels to ensure they are represented correctly with outside marketing opportunities such as website upgrades, production of advertisement and brochures, and evaluating advertisement contracts. She has become the backbone of Lake City Hotels. Ready to go and do what is necessary to fill the needs of management.


Regional Director of Sales & Marketing

Anisha Patel began her career in the hospitality industry in 2011 as a front desk associate. She was promoted to the Director of Sales position in 2014 responsible for two hotels.  Currently overseeing all sales and marketing efforts for the Gainesville properties, Anisha`s ability to maximize profits for our properties is an enormous asset to LCH.  She is a resourceful, creative and innovative person offering new and dynamic solutions to today’s hospitality industry challenges.  Anisha’s background in preparing and executing detailed Sales & Marketing Plans makes her a natural fit to this organization. She also carries good knowledge of Hospitality having received her degree in this field.


Regional Director of Operations

Vic Patel began his hospitality career in 2015 as a Front Desk Manager and quickly rose to Regional Director of Operations at LCH. Vic has proven himself as an enthusiastic and deeply motivated individual. He is the Regional Director of Operations for the Gainesville area hotels. Vic has taken the “bull by the horns” and is up for a challenge. He contributes new ideas and implements them to ensure that LCH hotels are top performers in the region.



Vidhi joined Lake City Hotels in 2017 in a role of  Accounting and Reporting for Lake City Hotels. She holds a Post Graduate degree in Accounting and Auditing. She is extremely precise, with keen eye for detail and a vast amount of practical knowledge. She has been providing excellent customer service, and very proficient in compliance.



Bob joined Lake City Hotels in 2007 as an in-house accountant/book keeper. He manages all aspects of accounting and payroll for Lake City Hotels. He is very organized and structured, always stays on top of all the figures, paperwork and data that is required daily. Bob inspires all with his work ethics and “get the job done” attitude, his professionalism and memory is second to none; he is truly an asset to Lake City Hotels.