Creating Amazing Partnerships

Lake City Hotels possesses a deep understanding of every facet of the hotel business. From acquisition, renovation, planning, construction, design, finance, and management, to recruitment and marketing, our unique desire to exceed expectations has yielded exceptional performance from our properties. We have successfully developed many hotels in the last few years and are currently developing additional hotels. These years of growth have earned us rich valuable experience in every aspect of modern hotel development and management.

Our group manages and owns multiple hotel brands franchised by Radisson Hotel Group, Hilton, Marriott, Choice International and Best Western hotels. We have built an excellent  relationship with these franchisors and strive to exceed expectations. These relationships overtime have helped us grow and achieve prestigious awards in the hospitality industry. Our mission is simple, “Continue to build strong long-lasting relationships with our guest and employees. We aim for excellence, providing unique and amazing  experience for our guest, is a hallmark of our culture”.


“At Lake City hotels, we are passionate about creating exceptional value for our employees and our guests.  Acting with integrity and being accountable are the core values of our culture that allows us to provide a great customer experience. Our employees are members of our extended family.




Excellent Customer Service

“I didn’t think anything of it until I was on my way to sleep. I called down to the front desk and asked the nice gentleman if you all had ear plugs. He told me to hold on a second and came back and stated that “no maame we don’t” I then hang up a little irritated, because I knew my night was not going to be good and I was not going to sleep well . No more than 60 seconds after I hung up, the room phone rings and it is the same gentleman before. He first apologized for calling me so late, and stated that the hotel right next to them had some ear plugs and that they are going to run over there and get me some and bring them to me. WOW!!! I told them to just knock on my door and just leave them out there , and I would get them. Less than 5 minutes later they knock on my door, I get dressed and head to the door to get my earplugs. They had not only my ear plugs in a gift bag, but 2 cold bottles of water and some other toiletries that I didn’t expect. I said all of that to say this, THIS is what you call CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Keep up the good job and whatever training you are doing with your employees, KEEP doing because that is priceless!!!!!